Who we are

How we do it

We offer free awareness seminars in order to help, aid and inform the community of the various scam tricks that are active within the area and how you can become a scam detector.

Our aim is to make everyone aware of the hazards that come from these scammers.

The seminars we provide are not only informative, informational and fact-giving but also there’s a jovial and fun aspect.

The seminars we provide are audience participation based, where the community can channel that voice their views.

We strive to make a serious situation as understandable as possible so that all who attend are able not only to grasp the seriousness of the situation but also to gain understanding and knowledge that they can use from this point forward.


I very nearly lost £2,000 and was only saved by divine intervention…



Loneliness and following our heart can lead to a disastrous end, I lost £2500…

Rita H - Swanse